About Us

 Rio Verde Wireless, provides high speed internet to North Scottsdale, the Rio Verde Foothills , Cave Creek & Fort McDowell.
 Our new state of the art Fiber Backhaul’s and PTP radios give us the fastest speeds, best rates, best coverage, and best service.
 We provide excellent installation, knowledgeable timely customer service, and reliable High Speed Internet service.


Coverage Area

Rio Verde Wireless’s network expertise, gained from more than two decades in the industry and professional, service oriented attitude towards customer’s, make it the preferred partner to bring High Speed Internet to your home or business. We are locally owned and operated, which means we better look after our reputation. Our veteran installers take pride in ensuring the beauty of your home is not detracted from by a sub-standard installation. Our technicians know that a quality installation is the delivery point of our product and is the key to your continued satisfaction with our service.
Rio Verde Wireless believes that you will be satisfied from the moment we arrive, to the moment we leave. From performing a quality installation to setting up the router, this will help you make the most of our High Speed Internet service.


Please Note!
Upload and Download speeds will vary based upon a number of factors, which may include but are not limited to network traffic, Internet congestion, and number of users accessing a particular server.  Rio Verde Wireless customers may temporarily experience upload or download speeds in excess of those listed in their contracts.
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